Enhanced Master Clocks

Which Enhanced Master Clock is Right for You?

All ESE Master Clocks share standard functions like generating at least SMPTE-LTC/EBU, ESE, ASCII (RS-232 & USB) Time Codes and the ability to drive up to 100 remote displays up to 4000 feet away. ESE is known for offering a set of convenient standard features on all of these Enhanced Master Clocks including a 1 PPS output, automatic Daylight Saving Time correction, a 12 or 24 hour switchable display, a sleek 1 RU rack-mount enclosure plus a list of additional options that can be added to any of these Master Clocks to further customize them to meet nearly any requirement of a Time Code Generator. The ES-185F, ES-188F & ES-160F also share their most recent enhancements which included enhanced reliability with a dual battery back-up & ESE + ASCII outputs that stay live for the first 4 hours of back-up and enhanced usability with new Control Panel software. You just have to choose which of these state-of-the-art Master Clocks is best for your situation.


You will choose the ES-185F if you are looking for the best of the best in GPS-Based Time Code Generators. It is accurate within +/- 10 nanoseconds, and the set-up is as simple as applying power & plugging the antenna cable into the clock. A 12-channel receiver is employed that is capable of tracking up to twelve satellites simultaneously, although reception of only one is required for time data to be output. With Option NTP6, this Master Clock also becomes a IPv6 compatible Stratum 1 NTP Time Server. It generates nearly any Time Code you could ever need including IRIG-B. It comes with all the bells & whistles that make it scalable and the best choice for any project with potential. Even if your application is very unique, the ES-185F can be customized with one or more of many available options. The accuracy & precision of the ES-185 is trusted around the world by well-known organizations like NBC, Boeing & iHeart Media, but it is also used by churches, small radio stations & schools across the country because it is still affordable and easy to operate!


You will find the ES-188F best suits your needs if: 1) You have trouble getting a reliable GPS Signal into a facility, such as a basement or a building with metallic coating on the windows; 2) You have trouble getting an antenna to the outside of a facility, because the cable run will be too expensive or the facility cannot be modified, which is the case with many historical buildings or 3) A facility needs to be time synchronized to a remote location through NTP, for example, universities with multiple campuses or NPR affiliate stations. The ES-188F references NTP and generates nearly every time code including IRIG-B time code. With Option NTP6 added, it also functions as an NTP Server (or back-up NTP Server).The ES-188F is widely used by NPR Stations (we even offer an Option NPR), as well as, General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, CNN & many more prestigious organizations who can’t rely on GPS for their Precision Timing needs, so they rely on the ES-188 for the precision & accuracy of GPS-based time without a GPS signal!


The ES-160F is unique from the other two, because it is a Stand-Alone Time Code Generator. This clock is crucial in environments where your Master Clock or Back-Up Master Clock should not rely on any outside sources, such as GPS or Internet access, to keep accurate time. In fact, this special Master Clock only requires power to maintain accuracy. With Option NTP6, it can even function as an IPv6 compatible NTP Server. The ES-160F doesn’t lack in function or features but remains more cost-effective, because 1) it has a 6-digit display (HH:MM:SS) while the other two offer 9-digit displays that include the Day of Year; 2) it doesn’t generate IRIG-B Time Code like the other two enhanced master clocks; 3) the accuracy is +/- 1 second per month after you set the time. This is not very significant as long as you sync the ES-160E via one of many simple sync methods with the enhanced control panel software. While it is inferior to the accuracy of the ES-188F & ES-185F, it is trusted by Lockheed Martin and even the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST).

The ES-185F, ES-188F & ES-160F are all backed with ESE’s FIVE Year Warranty!

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