ES-160F/NTP6 Master Clock


Stand-Alone Quartz Controlled Master Clock

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The ES-160F/NTP6 is a crystal-based Master Clock / Time Code Generator / NTP Time Server. The unit employs a temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) which provides the ES-160F/NTP6 with an accuracy of one second per month. Six .56" yellow LED's display the real time or date while the unit simultaneously generates several types of time code. The unit provides a Coin Cell for time backup.

  • NTP Output Port (RJ-45, IPv6)
  • Supports Authentication
  • SMPTE-LTC/EBU, ESE, ASCII (RS-232 & USB) Time Code Outputs
  • Universal Power Supply (90-264 VAC)
  • Optional 10 MHz Reference Input - Option "EXT"
  • Optional OCXO Oscillator - Option "OCXO"
  • Optional IRIG-B Output - Option "IRIG"
  • 1 PPS (pulse-per-second) output
  • 12 or 24 hour display
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time correction
  • Coin-Cell Time Backup
  • External Time Sync input
  • Video input for SMPTE/EBU synchronization
  • Configuration via RS-232, USB, Telnet or Embedded Web Page(Secure & Normal)
  • New PC Control Panel Software available via web download
  • 1.75" Rackmount enclosure
NTP Test Tool

The ESE NTP Test Tool is useful when troubleshooting NTP client to server connections. Using the tool is as simple as entering the NTP server name or IP address and clicking the "Query Time" button. For downloading instructions see the Download Software page.