ESE Warranty

ESE Warranty Information

All ESE electronic products are warranted free of mechanical and electrical defects, and will be replaced or repaired without charge if found defective under normal operating conditions when used as intended. Assembled products must be returned for adjustment within FIVE YEARS (Airborne products one year) of purchase. Before returning goods, see the Repair Authorization Form and/or call with any questions.

An Extended Warranty may be purchased at the time the original order is placed. The extended warranties are only available for ground-based product (airborne products are excluded).

1 year extension -- 6 year total warranty -- additional 15% of unit cost
2 year extension -- 7 year total warranty -- additional 25% of unit cost
3 year extension -- 8 year total warranty -- additional 35% of unit cost
4 year extension -- 9 year total warranty -- additional 50% of unit cost

Maximum warranty offered is 9 years