9-1-1 Master Clocks & Accessories

9-1-1 Master Clocks & Accessories

With the development of Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1), time synchronization has never been more important in the 9-1-1 & Public Safety industries. Voice loggers, computer servers, and automation systems are but a few of the devices whose performance can be enhanced when interfaced with a source of precision time. ESE has been providing simple, accurate and cost-effective sources of precision time for over 42 years.

As soon as NENA (the National Emergency Number Association) published the NENA-04-002 Standard over 17 years ago, ESE manufactured the ES-911/GPS to meet these standards and incorporate over four decades of precision timing experience in a product specifically for PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Points). The NENA standard assures that a Master Clock is capable of interfacing with all necessary equipment within a PSAP. ESE's 9-1-1/Public Safety product family has continued to grow and provide easy-to-use equipment that synchronizes all the equipment in PSAPs to a source of precise time.

ESE also offers several other network Master Clocks that reference other sources of "legal" time. For example, the ES-181 references the USNO (U.S. Naval Observatory) via Modem and is capable of meeting the NENA Standard when combined with an ES-223 Time Code Converter.


  • PSAP's (Public Safety Answering Points)

  • "Video" Courtrooms

  • Schools & Distant Learning Centers

  • Broadcast Facilities

  • Tele-Conferencing Centers

  • Government & Military Installations