ES-911E/GPS/NTP Master Clock


Master Clock

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The ES-911E/GPS/NTP is a GPS (Global Positioning System) Master Clock and Time Code Generator. The unit is specifically designed to meet the NENA (National Emergency Number Association) Standard NENA-04-002 for a PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) Master Clock and is capable of "Time Synchronizing" all components of a PSAP.

The unit displays six digits of time, legally traceable to UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) as received via the internal 12-channel GPS receiver. Simultaneously, the ES-911E/GPS/NTP generates several types of time code - IRIG-B, IRIG-E, ESE, RS232C (both "Broadcast" and "Query" ports provided) and a 1PPS signal. These outputs allow the ES-911E/GPS/NTP to synchronize and easily interface with equipment such as CAD, ANI / ALI Controllers, Voice Recorders and Radio Consoles that meet NENA Standards. The ES-911E/GPS/NTP can also synchronize computers and other digital / analog clock systems. The unit also features an Ethernet NTP port for network time synchronization.

Included with the ES-911E/GPS/NTP is an indoor / outdoor antenna that is connected to the unit via the provided 16' cable. If additional cable is required, "low-loss" cable, an "in-line" amplifier (ES-820 or ES-820N for low-loss cable) or, for extra long cable runs where more than one in-line amplifier is used, an "Antenna Power Supply" (ES-AB1) may be required. Consult ESE directly for more information.

Software is also supplied with the ES-911E/GPS/NTP permitting the user to continuously update a computer's DOS or Windows clock to the GPS time available on the "Broadcast" RS-232C output.

  • Ethernet NTP port (10/100Base-T, RJ-45, IPv6)
  • Supports Authentication
  • Network Configuration via Embedded Web Page(Secure & Normal) or Telnet
  • IRIG-B & IRIG-E outputs
  • RS-232C outputs (Broadcast & Query)
  • RS-485 Broadcast output
  • ESE Time Code output (TC90)
  • 1 PPS output
  • Loss of Power & Loss of Time Sync relay outputs
  • Loss of GPS Signal output
  • IRIG Codes are switchable between Modulated and TTL
  • Auto Daylight Saving correction (may be disabled via internal switch)
  • Time Zone offset
  • Internal 60 minute battery back-up (4 hours display off)
  • "Time Sync", "GPS Lock" & NTP port status indicators
  • 6-Digit, .56" LED display
  • Display switchable between 12 & 24 Hour format
  • +/- 40 Nanosecond accuracy
  • Legally Traceable to UTC (Universal Coordinated Time)
  • Meets or exceeds NENA-04-002 Master Clock specifications
  • Indoor/Outdoor antenna with 16' Cable
  • Rugged Rack Mount enclosure
  • UL Approved power supply
  • Simple operation & installation
  • Digital, Video & Analog slave clocks available
NTP Test Tool

The ESE NTP Test Tool is useful when troubleshooting NTP client to server connections. Using the tool is as simple as entering the NTP server name or IP address and clicking the "Query Time" button. For downloading instructions see the Download Software page.


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