ES-820 & ES-820N GPS Inline Amplifiers

ES-820 & ES-820N

Inline GPS Amplifiers

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The ES-820 is an inline GPS amplifier which allows extension of the GPS antenna cable. Depending upon the type of cable, 100 to 400 feet of additional cable may be added per amplifier. When using more than one amplifier, we recommend the use of the ES-AB1A GPS Amplifier Power Supply between the Master Clock and the amplifier chain. The standard ES-820 is fitted with TNC connectors suitable for direct use with RG-58 type cables. Optional adapters are available for connection to lower loss RG-8/RG213/Belden 9913 type cables using "N" connectors (order ES-820N). Typical cable extension lengths are:

RG-58: 100'
RG-8/RG-213: 200'
Belden 9913: 400'
  • Gain: 25dB at L1 Frequency
  • Noise Figure: <1.5dB
  • -3dB Bandwidth: 1555-1590 MHz
  • VSWR 1562-1662 MHz: <1.5
  • Lower Stop Band Attenuation: -35dB, f<530 MHz
  • Upper Stop Band Attenuation: -35dB, f>1620 MHz
  • Input Return Loss Z=50Ω: >12dB (1570-1580 MHz)
  • Output Return Loss Z=50Ω: >9dB (1570-1580 MHz)
  • Reverse Isolation: >35dB
  • Output 1dB Compression Level:>-10dBm
  • Output IP3: >0dBm
  • Maximum Input Level: -5 dBm
  • Supply Voltage Range: +3 to +10 VDC Via coax line
  • Supply Current: 15 mA typical
  • Operating Temp. Range: -40 to +85 C
  • Enclosure: Nickel Plated Brass
  • Mechanical (body only): 2.32" L x .787" Dia
  • Connectors: TNC (optional 'N' adapters)