ES-181U Modem Master Clock


Modem Master Clock

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The ES-181U is a modem synchronized Master Clock/Time Code Generator. The unit receives accurate time and date information thru a phone line from the U.S. Naval Observatory (or other compatible source) and supplies this data to the user in a variety of forms. The unit may be set to call the Time Source automatically up to four times per day, with automatic redial in case of communication failure.

  • ESE, SMPTE/EBU, IRIG-B & ASCII Time Code outputs
  • 1 PPS (pulse-per-second) output
  • Front Panel nine digit .56" Yellow LED display
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time Correction
  • Time Zone Offset, Seconds & Subsecond Offset
  • Battery backup
  • 1.75" Rackmount enclosure
  • Optional programmable relay-contact closure output