ES-911/USB & ES-911/Serial Master Clocks

ES-911/USB & ES-911/Serial

Master Clocks

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The ES-911/USB and ES-911/Serial are ESE Master Clocks that obtain Date and Time information from a PC's serial port (ES-911/Serial) or its "Universal Serial Bus" port (ES-911/USB). The units are specifically designed to provide all of the time codes as described in the NENA (National Emergency Number Association) Standard NENA-04-002. These units easily interface to and allow synchronization of equipment such as CAD, ANI/ALI Controllers, Voice Recorders,and Radio Consoles. Both products can also synchronize other computers and digital/analog clock systems.

Using these units in conjunction with a network that is synchronized from the Global Positioning System (using the ES-911/GPS) allows highly accurate time to be distributed to all equipment within reach of a networked PC and a ES-911/USB or ES-911/Serial.

  • Generates Time Codes from Network Time
  • USB or RS-232 Serial Interface
  • IRIG-B & IRIG-E outputs
  • RS-232C outputs (Broadcast & Query)
  • RS-485 Broadcast output
  • ESE Time Code output (TC90)
  • 1 PPS output
  • Loss of Power & Loss of Time Sync relay outputs
  • IRIG Codes are switchable between Modulated and TTL
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Time correction (may be disabled via internal switch)
  • Time Zone offset
  • Internal 60 minute battery back-up
  • "Time Sync" & "Time Lock" indicators
  • Optional 6-Digit, .56" LED display
  • Rugged Rack Mount enclosure
  • UL Approved Power Supply
  • Simple operation & installation
  • Digital, Video & Analog slave clocks available