ES-976 Time Code Remote Display


Time Code Remote Display
With Large 7" High Digits

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The ES-976 is a Time Code display featuring 7" high red LED displays. The unit is housed in a black-textured aluminum wall-mount enclosure (9" H x 43" W x 3.5" D). The unit accepts, via the rear-mounted terminal block or BNC connector, either ESE Time Code™ (TC76™, TC89™, or TC90™), SMPTE LTC Time Code, EBU Time Code or RS-232C ASCII Time Code (format "0", "1" or "A" at 9600 baud). The ES-976 will automatically determine which code is being received. If receiving ESE Time Code™ from a timer, the unit will display Minutes, Seconds and Tenths of Seconds (if the timer has the Tenths option). Optionally, it can read NTP and/or recieve Power over Ethernet (PoE) - see the ES-976/NTP-C page for more information.

A rear-mounted DIP switch is used to configure the display for 12 or 24 Hour format, or to display the Date instead of time-of-day (if incoming time code contains Date information, such as ESE TC90, date-encoded SMPTE/EBU or ASCII formats "1" or "A"). Error correction, which will keep time even when Time Code is lost, can be turned on or off. If the Time Zone option is ordered, a rear-accessible DIP switch is installed for this function.

The ES-976 is viewable from over 250 feet away. See the ES-976 from over 250 feet away on the NAB 2013 showroom floor at

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ESE is also accepting orders for the ES-976 in Green and Blue. Please call for pricing and availability of these colors.
  • Wall Mount Display
  • Reads SMPTE/EBU, ASCII & ESE Time Code™
  • Automatic Code Detection
  • PM Indicator
  • Six 7" Red LED Displays
  • Viewing Distance 250'
  • Switchable Between 12 & 24 Hour Format Display
  • Switchable to Date Display
  • Optional Time Zone Offset
  • NTP Option Available
  • Universal Power Supply (90-264 VAC)