ES-274U IRIG-B to SMPTE Converter


IRIG-B to SMPTE Converter

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The ES-274U is a Time Code Converter that automatically synchronizes (Jam Syncs) to IRIG-B Time Code and outputs SMPTE timecode. EBU Time Code is optionally available. The unit allows video tape (previously striped with IRIG-B) to be more easily edited using SMPTE (EBU) editing equipment.

  • Video loop-thru and Color Frame inputs for SMPTE video sync
  • Balanced or unbalanced SMPTE output (XLR)
  • Drop-Frame or Non Drop-Frame modes
  • Wide range (100 mVPP - 10 VPP) AGC input for IRIG-B (BNC)
  • 19" single-rack height enclosure