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ESE Wins NewBay Media's NAB Best of Show Award for the Second Consecutive Year

April 22, 2016
El Segundo, CA —The ES-410: GPS Based Frequency Generator, manufactured by ESE, is the recipient of NewBay Media's Best of Show Award, one of the industry's most prestigious technology honors, presented at the 2016 NAB Show in Las Vegas by Radio Magazine.

Each year NewBay Media's Best of Show Awards are evaluated by a panel of engineers and industry experts, and are selected based on innovation, feature set, cost efficiency and performance in serving the industry. This is the second consecutive year that ESE took home the Best of Show Award.

The 2016 Best of Show Winner, the ES-410: GPS Based Frequency Generator, generates a stable source of 10 MHz and 1 PPS using GPS satellites as a reference. The unit provides 10 MHz in both Sine Wave and Square Wave (5 volt logic) form. Four Sine Wave and four Square Wave outputs are provided along with several other useful features. The ES-410 is an addition to ESE's existing Frequency Standard Product Family. The ES-110:GPS Based Frequency Generator has been very popular for several years among radio engineers for synchronizing transmitter sites, and the ES-410 was specifically designed with this task in mind. The ES-410 has 4 Sine Wave & 4 Square Wave outputs (where the ES-110 just has one of each output), and it is all contained in a sleek 1 RU enclosure.

At the 2015 NAB Show, ESE's ES-71: SMPTE-LTC Time Code to USB Converter took home a Best of Show Award from NewBay Media's Radio World. The ES-71 is one of three Time Code to USB Converters by ESE that offer a simple and quick solution for synchronizing a computer to existing time code equipment. When a Serial port or a PCI slot for a Time Code Card is not available or these solutions are undesirable, an ESE "TCUSB" is the ideal alternative. The ES-71 converts real time SMPTE/EBU LTC code or ESE Time Code, the ES-56 will convert SMPTE/EBU LTC code or ESE Time Code that can be used for computer time synchronization or for obtaining LTC data for editing purposes (when using SMPTE/EBU), and the ES-73 that will convert IRIG A, B, or E Time Code.

ESE's ES-410 & the ES-71 won Best of Show Awards for their performance in serving specific needs of the radio & broadcasting industries. The ES-71 can be used in nearly any industry with Time Code equipment & computers to save a considerable amount of money. All of ESE's Time Code to USB Converters bridge the gap between existing equipment and newer technology which is very useful in any industry, like radio, where cost-efficiency and utilizing legacy equipment is of the utmost importance. The ES-410 is also cost-efficient, but it won the Best of Show Award for serving an important purpose in the radio & broadcasting industries. The ES-410 eliminates the need for extra equipment at transmitter sites which is very important since space is limited.

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