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ESE News

ESE Introduces the HD-491/SD: HD/SD SDI Time Code Decoder & LTC Generator
HD-491/SD: HD/SD SDI Time Code Decoder/Generator

March 05, 2013
El Segundo, CA — The HD-491/SD is an HD & SD SDI Timecode Decoder/Generator. The HD-491/SD accepts an SDI signal, decodes the RP-188 or D-VITC and produces either a SMPTE or EBU LTC output. Simultaneously, the unit produces an ESE time code output which can be used to drive new or existing clock systems. A selectable (reclocked or non-reclocked) SDI video loop output is also provided.

The HD-491/SD can also be used as a Translator (for shuttle speed applications) or can be jammed and used as a Generator (real-time applications). The HD-491/SD is also capable of transposing RP-188 or D-VITC User Bits into one of multiple different Date formats.

The HD-491/SD is easily configured using either the front panel controls or the front panel mounted USB port with the supplied PC software.

ESE is now accepting orders for the HD-491/SD.

For additional information please contact ESE or Monica Trotter / Marketing @ 310-322-2136 or see us on the web at