LX-275U IRIG-B Video Character Inserters


IRIG-B Video Character Inserters

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The LX-275U series is family of IRIG-B timecode Reader/Video Inserters. The units decode 12 digits of IRIG-B (Day of Year, Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Milliseconds) via a single BNC connector and superimpose the data upon a video signal(s) looped thru the unit.

Models in the LX-275U series are available with one channel up to twelve channels. Units that contain one to four channels have a 1.75" rackmount enclosure and models with five to twelve channels have a 3.5" rackmount enclosure.

With the ease of on-screen programming, setting the LX-275U could never be easier. Settings include Size, Position, Brightness, Millisecond Blanking, and Mask Mode. Mask Mode enables the user to select between several types of background masks which include solid characters on video, solid characters on a solid mask, translucent characters on video or translucent characters on a translucent mask. Front panel Character Contrast and Mask Contrast potentiometers allow variations of black, white and gray. Specifying option "Text-USB" allows the user to add unique text insertion for each channel, up to 3 lines and as many as 30 characters per line via the USB interface and supplied software. Option "Text-NET" provides the same functions but adds an RJ-45 Ethernet port for configuration over a network.

  • Wide range (100 mVPP - 10 VPP) AGC input (BNC)
  • Inserts Time and Date into Video (NTSC/PAL or optional S-Video)
  • Switchable Background Mask, Keyed or Transparent display
  • Characters and Background variable from Black to White
  • Variable Character Size and Position
  • Display Blanking function
  • Blankable Milliseconds Display
  • Battery Back-Up of Settings
  • User Text option with USB and optional Ethernet interface
  • Universal Power Supply (90-264 VAC)
  • Optional GPS Receiver
  • Optional IRIG-B Output