HD-488E/SD/GPS/IRIG SDI Time Code Reader/Generator/Inserter



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The HD-488E/SD/GPS/IRIG is a Time Code Reader, Generator and Inserter for HD (High Definition) or SD (Standard Definition) Serial Digital Interface (SDI) video. Longitudinal Time Code (LTC), Digital Vertical Interval Time Code (D-VITC) and RP-188 Time Code are read and generated by the HD-488E/SD/GPS/IRIG. IRIG-A, B or G Time Codes are read as well, and a GPS receiver is included and may also be selected as the time source. An IRIG-B generator output is included. The unit accepts a multitude of HD formats. In SD (Standard Definition) mode the unit will accept 4:2:2 (525 and 625 line) digital video signals. The inserter mode provides the ability to superimpose time and/or user bits onto video with alphanumeric characters. As many as thirty characters of text may also be superimposed onto the video. Flexibility is also provided to the user, allowing for selection of the information to be displayed (time, time and user bits or text) on up to three different windows. The three windows are independent of each other and may be blanked.

The is an enhanced version of the HD-488/SD/GPS/IRIG. New features include selectable color fonts, RP-188 Time Code functionality in both HD and SD modes, selectable onscreen date formats and front-panel entry of user text data.

  • Auto-detects HD & SD formats
  • Accepts 4:2:2 (525 & 625 line) & Multiple HD Formats
  • Generates/Reads/Inserts LTC/DVITC/RP188 Time Code
  • Reads IRIG-A, B or G Time Codes
  • Generates IRIG-B Time Code
  • Dual LTC Output
  • USB Setup Interface
  • User Friendly Control
  • Time Zone Offset
  • Compatible with ES-466 (Up/Down Presettable Timer)
  • LCD Setup/Status Display
  • Seven Selectable Font Colors
  • Selectable Onscreen Date Formats (YMD, DMY, MDY)
  • Front Panel User Text Entry
  • Universal Power Supply (90-264 VAC)
  • Transcode RP-188/DVITC to LTC
  • Transcode LTC to RP-188/DVITC
  • Time Code / Time of Day / User Text Window burn
  • Master Time Code Generator
  • GPS Master Clock
  • NTP Sourced Master Clock (w/NTP-C option)
  • GPS sourced NTP Server (w/NTP option)
  • IRIG Sourced NTP Server (w/NTP option)
  • IRIG-B Generator
  • Transcode IRIG A/B/G to IRIG-B or SMPTE Codes
  • Transcode SMPTE Codes to IRIG-B
  • Drive standard ESE Remote Displays with Time of Day