ES-56 SMPTE/EBU/ESE to USB Converter


SMPTE/EBU/ESE to USB Converter

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The ES-56 converts SMPTE/EBU LTC code or ESE Time Code to a USB interface. The device is powered by the USB interface and may be used for computer time synchronization or for obtaining LTC data for editing purposes. The unit features five modes of operation, which may be selected by DIP switch or by software: ESE Time Code, LTC Forward/Reverse with Frames, or LTC Real Time with 3 selectable date formats (Leitch, SMPTE 309M or ESE).

  • Dongle measuring 5" L x 1.2" W x 1" H
  • LTC Reader mode with Frames
  • LTC or ESE Real-Time Sync modes
  • Error Detect and Correction (switchable)
  • Time Sync Software provided
  • Linux Real-Time Mode provided
  • Powered by USB Interface
  • DIP Switch or Software mode configuration