ES-562UE/ES-564UE Clock/Timer


Clock & Timer

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The ES-562UE (12 hour)/ ES-564UE (24 hour) is a six digit Clock and a 100 Hour Up/Down Timer combined in one unit. The display and dual-function pushbutton controls are switchable between the Clock and Timer functions. The Clock and Timer are separate from each other and maintain their own memory. Dual-function Set/Stop, Select/Reset controls, along with Clock/Timer mode controls and Timer Up/Down momentary toggle switch are provided on the top of the case.

  • .56" Yellow LED Display
  • Independent Time-of-Day Clock and 24 Hour Up & Down Timer
  • Single Display Switchable between Clock and Timer
  • 12 Hour (ES-562UE) or 24 Hour (ES-564UE) Clock
  • Optional ESE Time Code Output to Drive Remote Displays (Option ESE)
  • Optional Remote Control Input (Option R)
  • Optional 1.75" Rackmount Enclosure (Option P)
  • 220-240 VAC (110-120 VAC is standard) & UL Options Available