LX-5112U/NTP6-C 12" Self-Setting Analog NTP Time Display


12" Self-Setting Analog NTP Time Display

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The LX-5112U/NTP6-C is a Wall Mount Analog Clock with a 12" viewing diameter. The unit is designed to synchronize to time as received from an NTP server via an Ethernet connection. After a very simple "set-up" procedure the unit automatically sets itself to the exact time and periodically syncs to the NTP time.

In absence of NTP Time the unit may be set to real time and allowed to run based on its internal crystal oscillator. The second hand is completely silent and can be programmed for "Sweep" mode or "Step" mode.

The initial set-up allows the unit to have its hours (and/or minutes) offset to that of another time zone. Auto Daylight Saving compensation may also be enabled.

  • Silent Operation
  • Simple Setup; Self-Setting with NTP Input
  • Stand-Alone Mode
  • Sweep or Step Second Hand
  • 12" Dial - Viewing Distance of 60'
  • Battery Back-Up of Hand Positions
  • Time Zone Offset/DST
  • Universal Power Supply (90-264 VAC)
  • Optional Lighted Dial with Variable Brightness Control
  • Rackmount & UL Options Available