ES-462U IRIG-B to SMPTE Converter


ESE Time Code™ to SMPTE Converter

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The ES-462U generates SMPTE (or optional EBU) timecode synchronized from an external source of ESE Time Code (TC 76, TC 89 or TC90). The ES-462U features a loop-thru video sync input and an input for an optional color frame pulse. The SMPTE time is allowed to drift +/- 200 milliseconds with respect to ESE time before being corrected. This allows for video frame rate variations and drop frame count, which preserves the integrity of the frame count sequence for as long as possible. Drop Frame or Non-Drop Frame modes may be selected via the front panel mounted toggle switch.

If the ES-462U is receiving ESE Timer Code, the Timer data will be output on the SMPTE User Bits. If a full SMPTE Timer is needed (Hour, Minute, Second and Frame), please refer to the ES-466 Up/Down SMPTE Timer.

  • Video loop-thru and Color Frame inputs for SMPTE video sync
  • Optional EBU mode
  • Balanced or unbalanced SMPTE output (XLR)
  • Drop-Frame or Non Drop-Frame modes
  • 19" single-rack height enclosure