ES-453UE SMPTE/EBU Timecode Display


SMPTE / EBU Timecode Display

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The ES-453UE is a microprocessor-based SMPTE Time Code display. This unit reads in both forward and reverse direction, from 1/20 to 10x play-speed. The unit features a .56" high yellow LED display and comes standard in a desk-top case (rack-mount chassis optional). The unit displays Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Frames, or may be switched to display User Bit digits.

If the ESE Time Code Output option is ordered on the ES-453UE, a rear-mounted BNC connector will provide access to the TC89™ output of Hours, Minutes and Seconds. Up to 100 slave units may be driven, up to 4000' away. If the RS-232 Output option is ordered on the ES-453UE, the Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Frames, User Bits and Flag bits are output once-per-frame using ESE Format "C". A rear-mounted DB-9 connector is provided.

  • Reads SMPTE & EBU Time Codes
  • Reads Time and User Bits
  • .56" Yellow LED display
  • Bi-Directional reading, 1/20 to 10x play-speed
  • Error Bypass & Error Indicator
  • Drop-Frame mode indicator
  • "Hold" control