ES-3617 CS6/Multicode Reader


CS6/Multicode Reader

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The ES-3617 provides a display of CS6 Time Code, as well as IRIG-B 120, IRIG CS3, IRIG CS5, IRIG 109-64, MILA-KSC & FDME/BUDX event count status codes. Each unit displays a count direction indicator and up to twelve digits of Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds by means of a 2" high, red 7 x 80 Dot Matrix LED display. As the unit reads the event status codes, a minus sign is displayed indicating a countdown condition. During up-count conditions or while reading IRIG-B the minus sign is not displayed. A status letter ("A", "P" or "H") is also displayed when appropriate. Milliseconds are also displayed in certain CS6 modes. In FDME/BUDX mode, the display reads Hundreds of Minutes and Seconds.

The ES-3617 may be set to display any one of the standard CS6 dynamic messages as received via the RS-422 input, or be set to display any one of the CS6 static messages which are stored internally. The setup of the message may be done locally via DIP switch or via an addressable RS-232 interface & Windows Control Panel software. The display, with a digit height of 2 inches, is suitable for viewing at distances of up to 60 feet. The unit is completely self-contained, requiring only external AC Power and the desired code input.

The wall or ceiling-mountable enclosure is black-textured powder-coated, with an anodized front bezel. An adjustable bracket & hardware are included for easy installation.

Many options are available. Contact the ESE directly for more information.

  • Reads CS6 Time Code
  • Also reads IRIG-B, CS3, CS5, 109-64, MILA-KSC & FDME/BUDX Countdown Codes
  • Built-in selectable CS6 messages
  • RS-232 Addressable Control in CS6 mode
  • Large 2" LED Display
  • Wall/Ceiling-Mount Enclosure


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