ES-3235A Time Code Reader


Time Code Reader

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The ES-3235A provides an LED display of IRIG-B120 time code and IRIG CS3, IRIG 109-64, MILA/KSC, FDME/BUDX, and IRIG CS5 event count status codes. Each unit displays a count direction indicator and nine digits of days, hours, minutes, and seconds by means of seven- segment LED digits. As the unit reads the event status codes, a minus sign is displayed indicating a countdown condition. During up-count conditions or while reading IRIG-B the minus sign is not displayed. Both units have two additional LEDs, one displays an alpha-numeric character (A-Z; 0-9) that provides a project code and the other digit displays the letter "H" to indicate a hold status in the event countdown.

The ES-3235A, with a digit height of .56 inch, is suitable for viewing at distances of up to 20 feet. The unit is completely self-contained, requiring only external AC Power and the desired code input. The rack-mountable enclosures are aluminum with a clear anodized front panel (optional black anodized panel pictured above).

  • Reads IRIG-B Time Code
  • Reads CS3, CS5, 109-64, MILA-KSC & FDME/BUDX Countdown Codes
  • Red .56" LED Display
  • Brightness Control
  • Straight Seconds or Time of Year
  • Switchable Leading Zero Suppression
  • Rack Mount Enclosure


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