ES-295 GPS/NTP6 IRIG Time Code Generator/Translator


IRIG Time Code Generator/Translator

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The ES-295/GPS/NTP6 is an IRIG (A, B or G) Time Code Generator and Translator, which includes the GPS and NTP6 options. When in the Generator (stand-alone) mode, Day of Year and Time are manually set using the front panel controls or the supplied PC software. In the Translator (sync) mode, the unit accepts IRIG-A, IRIG-B or IRIG-G time code, or GPS time from the internal GPS receiver. In either mode, the ES-295/GPS/NTP6 provides an IRIG-A, IRIG-B, or IRIG-G time code output (AM & TTL) and a 1pps output. Input and output time code selections are also made using the front panel controls or the supplied PC software.

A nine-digit .56" amber LED display (Days, Hours, Minutes & Seconds) provides a readout of the input/output time code. The IRIG time code input and outputs are via rear mounted BNC connectors. There are two outputs of the AM signal and two outputs of the TTL signal. The 1pps signal is also available on a pair of BNC connectors. The ES-295/GPS/NTP6 is housed in a single height rack mount enclosure which is black anodized.

The ES-295/GPS/NTP6 incorporates an Error Bypass mode and a Freeze mode. In Error Bypass mode the outputs are continuously generated whether time code is erroneous or lost. In Freeze mode the outputs stop when errors in the time code input are detected or when time code is lost. The front panel controls (Menu, Up & Down) allow access to all configuration settings as displayed on the 16 x 2 character "Setup/Status" LCD. The same controls are available on the PC software which is accessible via the rear mounted USB port. The NTP6 feature provides NTP time server and function control via ethernet. IPv6 is supported.

  • GPS Time Receiver
  • NTP Server Port (IPv6 compatible)
  • Network Control of Unit Settings
  • IRIG-A, B or G Input/Output
  • Generates/Translates Time Code
  • .56" yellow LED Time Display
  • LCD Setup/Status Display
  • USB Setup Interface
  • Error Bypass/Freeze modes
  • Play speed operation
  • Wide range (100 mVPP - 10 VPP) AGC input
  • Analog or TTL Input Modes
  • One BNC Input Connector
  • Two BNC Analog Time Code Outputs
  • Two BNC TTL Time Code Outputs
  • Two BNC 1 PPS Outputs
  • Time Delay up to 9999 microseconds
  • Time Code Lock Output (DB9)
  • Settings retained in Battery Backed Ram
  • 19" single-rack height enclosure
  • Universal Power Supply (90-264 VAC)
NTP Test Tool

The ESE NTP Test Tool is useful when troubleshooting NTP client to server connections. Using the tool is as simple as entering the NTP server name or IP address and clicking the "Query Time" button. For downloading instructions see the Download Software page.


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