ES-275U IRIG-B Video Character Inserter


IRIG-B Video Character Inserter

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The ES-275U is a Video Character Inserter unit which receives an external source of IRIG-B timecode. 12 digits of time data (Day of Year, Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Milliseconds) are superimposed onto a video signal looped-thru the unit. On-screen menus allow time setting, adjustment of the display Size, Position and Mask Mode (black background on/off and transparent or solid display) and Milliseconds on/off. The brightness of the Characters and Background may be individually set via front-panel controls. The display may be turned on/off via a front-panel control. An optional RS-232 interface & Windows® Control Panel software may be ordered, which allow remote control of the display modes.

  • Wide range (100 mVPP - 10 VPP) AGC input (BNC)
  • Inserts Time and Date into Video (NTSC/PAL or optional S-Video)
  • Switchable Background Mask, Keyed or Transparent display
  • Characters and Background variable from Black to White
  • Variable Character Size and Position
  • Display Blanking function
  • Blankable Milliseconds Display
  • Battery Back-Up of Settings
  • Optional RS-232 interface for remote control