ES-244 Audio Level Interface


Audio Level Interface

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The ES-244 Audio Level Interface is a stereo, bi-directional coupling unit. The ES-244 can be used whenever you need to connect professional equipment to consumer gear and vice-versa. The unit provides a simple and cost-effective means of connecting equipment with unbalanced, -10dbv inputs/outputs to equipment with balanced, +4 or +8dbm inputs/outputs.

  • Converts Balanced Audio to Unbalanced & Vice Versa
  • Stereo Operation
  • XLR Connectors (Balanced), RCA Connectors (Unbalanced)
  • Adjustable Gain on Balanced Output
  • Black anodized aluminum enclosure
  • Optional Single or Dual Rack Panel (one rack-unit high)
  • 220-240 VAC (110-120 VAC is standard) & UL options available