ES-242U 2x12 IRIG Distribution Amplifier/Switcher


2x12 IRIG Distribution Amplifier/Switcher

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The ES-242U is a 2 x 12 Time Code and Frequency Distribution Amplifier with an Automatic Switchover feature. It is designed to provide a simple/automatic method for switching between a Primary and Secondary Source. The unit receives time code (AM or TTL) or a frequency reference (100 Hz to 100 KHz) from two different sources (A & B). If a fault is detected from the primary source (A) the unit automatically switches to the backup source (B). Once a fault is detected, the unit remains in the "B" state until manually reset. A switchable audible alarm also sounds when a fault is detected. Front panel mounted LED's indicate status and a toggle switch allows manual switching between A and B inputs.

  • Passes IRIG(A, B, E, G), NASA-36, XR3/2137, CS3 or Frequency Reference
  • BNC connector Input & Output
  • Loop-Thru Input
  • 12 Isolated Outputs
  • Auto switchover to backup source
  • 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz