ES-242 Quad 1 x 6 IRIG Distribution Amplifier


Quad 1 x 6 IRIG Distribution Amplifier

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The ES-242 is a Quad 1 x 6 IRIG Time Code Distribution Amplifier for modulated AM Time Codes. It is housed in a 1.75” x 19” rackmount panel and chassis (the chassis extends 4.8” behind the panel). Each amplifier provides a loop-thru input and six 600 ohm outputs. The inputs and outputs are connected via the rear mounted BNC connectors. The ES-242 can distribute IRIG A, B, E, NASA36, XR3, 2137 and CS3 time codes.

The ES-242 is a transformerless design that takes a single unbalanced input and provides six unbalanced single ended outputs. The output levels for each of the four inputs are set via the four pots on the front panel. A 0.5 amp power line fuse is located on the rear panel.

  • Passes IRIG(A, B, E), NASA-36, XR3/2137, CS3 Time Code
  • BNC connector Input & Output
  • Loop-Thru Input
  • Four Independent 1 x 6 Distribution Amplifiers
  • Independent Gain Control for Each Amplifier
  • 110-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz