ES-237 High Resolution Video Distribution Amplifier


1x4 High-Resolution Video Distribution Amplifier

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The ES-237 provides a loop-thru input and four isolated outputs, all accessible via BNC connectors. A screwdriver-adjustable Gain control is provided on the front of the case. The Gain control provides an overall signal level adjustment of -3 to +6 db. The EQ option provides a trimmer adjustment allowing equalization of long cables (100-400 feet of RG-59). The unit offers a wide power bandwidth of 100 MHz +/-1db (120 MHz +/-3db). When the input is not looped thru to other equipment, a 75 ohm terminator should be used on the free input connector. Unused outputs need not be terminated. The unit is housed in a small diecast box, which is ideal for tucking away in the most convenient location.

  • BNC Connectors
  • Loop-thru video input
  • 4 isolated outputs (75 ohm)
  • 120 MHz frequency response
  • Gain control
  • Optional HF Equalization control
  • Rugged die-cast alloy case
  • 220-240 VAC (110-120 VAC is standard) & UL options available