ES-230 NTSC/PAL Color Bar Generator


NTSC/PAL Color Bar Generator

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The ES-230 Color Bar Generator can be used for aligning monitors or for checking the signal fidelity of a video system. The ES-230 generates RS-170A full-field bars or black-burst. The unit provides eight composite outputs. If the TONE option is ordered, a sinewave tone is output from the rear-mounted RCA connector at either 1 KHz or 400 Hz. Front-panel DIP switches allow selection of Auto-Black, Bars / Black, Interlace / Progressive, NTSC pedestal On / Off, Chroma On / Off, Tone Frequency and NTSC/PAL mode. The Auto-Black mode generates Color Bars & Tone for 30 or 60 seconds after the START button is pressed, then switches to silent Black-Burst.

  • 8 Outputs (BNC)
  • NTSC and PAL modes
  • Color Bars or Black-Burst
  • Auto-Black mode
  • Interlace or Progressive
  • Switchable NTSC pedestal
  • Chroma on/off
  • Optional 1 KHz/400 Hz Tone, 0dbm