LX-221 RS-170A Black-Burst Generator/Genlockable


RS-170A Black-Burst Generator / Genlockable

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The LX-221 is a six output Black-Burst / Sync Generator. The unit features enhanced black-burst circuitry and extremely precise stability. The LX-221 provides a convenient source of RS-170A composite black-burst for pre-blacking tapes or for synchronization purposes. The unit may be genlocked to an external source of video or operate in stand-alone mode. In stand-alone mode the unit references an internal voltage-controlled, temperature compensated crystal oscillator. If the signal is lost when operating in genlock mode, the unit automatically references the internal crystal.

  • Enhanced Quality Black-Burst / Sync Generator
  • 6 Isolated RS-170A Black-Burst outputs (BNC connectors)
  • Stand-alone or Genlock modes
  • Optional Audio Reference Tone (1 KHz @ 0dbv, RCA connector)
  • Optional Sync output
  • Optional Single or Dual (side by side) Rackmount
  • 220V & UL options available