LX-220A RS-170A Black-Burst Generator/Enhanced Circuitry


RS-170A Black-Burst Generator / Enhanced Circuitry

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The LX-220A provides a convenient source of composite black-burst for preblacking tapes or for synchronization purposes. Eight isolated outputs are provided on rear mounted BNC connectors. The output signal consists of sync, blanking, reference black setup level and color burst which is SCH phased. The LX-220A employs a temperature-compensated crystal oscillator for high stability. A sinewave tone, at 0 dbm (2.2 vpp), is accessible on the rear-mounted RCA connector. The frequency of the tone is selectable (400 Hz or 1 KHz) with a front panel DIP switch. The other front panel DIP switch allows the unit to be switched between NTSC (RS-170A) and PAL composite video.

  • Enhanced Quality Black-Burst / Sync Generator
  • 8 Isolated Black-Burst outputs (BNC connectors)
  • Audio Reference Tone (1 KHz & 400 Hz @ 0dbv, RCA connector)
  • Optional Sync output
  • Optional Single or Dual (side by side) Rackmount
  • 220V & UL options available
  • NTSC (RS-170A) or PAL