LX-5100 Series Self-Setting Analog Clock Slaves

LX-5100 Series

Self-Setting Analog Clock Slaves

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UPDATE: As of 5/31/16, each size of the Analog Clocks has its own page, the LX-5105 & LX-5112 have been upgraded to the LX-5105U & the LX-5112U, but the LX-5116 (non-U) is still avaliable. Contact ESE if you have any special requests for U or non-U versions, and we will do our best to accomodate until we deplete all of our non-U inventory.

The LX-5105 / LX-5112 / LX-5116 are Wall Mount Analog Clocks with a 5", 12" and 16" viewing diameter, respectively. The units are designed to operate as Time Code Readers, Stand-Alone Clocks or Impulse Clocks. They can read, decode and display time information from most any Master Clock or other source of time code. A rear-mounted DIP switch permits the clock to display time as received from a source of SMPTE/EBU, ASCII or ESE Time Code™ (the Impulse Clock mode may be replaced with an IRIG-B input mode as a factory option). After a very simple "set-up" procedure and receipt of time code, the unit automatically sets itself to the exact time and continuously slaves to the time code (If time code is lost, an error indicator is lit and the clock continues counting while referencing an internal crystal time base).

Other user defined modes of operation allow these clocks to be synchronized to a Master Clock with a 1 PPS alternating 12 or 24 VDC "Favag" type output or to be set to real time and allowed to run based on its internal crystal oscillator. The second hand is completely silent and can be programmed for "Sweep" mode or "Step" mode.

The initial set-up allows the unit to have its hours (and/or minutes) offset to that of another time zone. Also, since the clock can continuously track time code, there is no need to twice annually compensate for daylight saving time (assuming the Master Clock automatically adjusts itself accordingly).

NOTE: NTP-C and PoE options not available on LX-5105.

  • Silent Operation
  • Simple Setup; Self-Setting with Time Code Input
  • Reads ESE, ASCII, SMPTE or EBU Time Code (IRIG-B optional)
  • Stand-Alone, Impulse & Reader Modes
  • Sweep or Step Second Hand
  • 5", 12" or 16" Dial
  • Viewing Distance 20', 60' or 80'
  • Battery Back-up
  • Time Zone Offset
  • Time Code Loss Indicator
  • Variable Brightness Lighted-Dial Option
  • Rackmount, 220-240 VAC (110-120 VAC is standard) & UL Options available