AntGPS Antenna: High Performance GPS Antenna for harsh RF Environments.
BParallel BCD Output: CMOS compatible, 5-volt logic in parallel four-line format is accessible through a rear-mounted D-sub connector.
Display.4" LED Display: Six digit 0.4" red LED display for Airborne units.
FFuse: A panel mounted fuse is supplied. An internally mounted fuse is standard.
HQ-Out"Have Quick" Time Code Output: A "Have Quick" Output is provided. This Option meets the ICD-GPS-060 standard.
JamIRIG-B Jam Sync Input
MotoMotorola Output: This Output is from the GPS receiver. It contains latitude, longitude and altitude information as well as time code information.
TTLIRIG-B TTL Output: Panel-mounted BNC connector (not available with SMPTE/EBU)
SMPTE/EBUSMPTE or EBU Time Code Outputs: SMPTE or EBU Time Code outputs may be specified (not available with TTL)