ClearClear Anodized Front Panel
DCDC Operation: Requires the unit to be powered from a DC source exclusively, typically +12 to +35 VDC.
EX10External Time Base: Available when a user prefers to reference the clock of an existing source of 10 MHz.
FREQFrequency Outputs: Provides two BNC connector outputs that can be individually programmed for any of the following frequencies: 8 KHz, 1.544 MHz, 2.048 MHz, 10 MHz, 19.44 MHz, 20 MHz, 25 MHz, 125 MHz, 155.52 MHz, 156.25 MHz.
HRRelay Contact Closure: A contact closure occurs at the top of each Hour. Hour and 1/2 Hour closure may be ordered on some products. Relay contacts are rated at 10-Watts maximum load, 500mA maximum switching current.
OCXOOCXO: Provides an Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator.
RbRubidium Oscillator: Provides a high-performance Rubidium Oscillator.
UL"UL" Approved Power Supply: The unit is supplied with a UL/CSA approved wall mount power supply (90-264 VAC).