ES-185F/PTP GPS Master Clock


GPS Based PTP Grandmaster Clock/NTP Time Server/Time Code Generator

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The ES-185F/PTP is a GPS Master Clock/Time Code Generator and IEEE-1588 PTP/NTP Time Server. The unit receives accurate time and date information from Global Positioning System satellites and displays nine digits of time (Day of Year, Hour, Minute & Second). Simultaneously, the ES-185F/PTP generates several types of time code including SMPTE/EBU LTC, ESE-TC90/TC89, ASCII (RS-232C & USB), IRIG-B and a 1PPS signal. These outputs allow the ES-185F/PTP to easily interface with new or existing computers, automation and clock systems. A 12-channel receiver is employed that is capable of tracking up to twelve satellites simultaneously, although reception of only one is required for time data to be output. ESE's ES-185F/PTP offers an accuracy of better than 10nS, and is entirely self-setting. The unit provides an internal Coin Cell for backing up the GPS receiver time.

Software supplied with the ES-185F/PTP permits users to continuously update a computer's Windows' clock to the time available on the USB port. Other features allow the user to select SMPTE mode (DF, NDF, EBU & Real Time), offset the Time Zone displayed and output by the ES-185F/PTP and advance or delay the time output for various synchronizing purposes.

  • 12-Channel GPS Receiver
  • SMPTE-LTC/EBU, ESE, IRIG-B, ASCII (RS-232 & USB) Time Code Outputs
  • IEEE-1588 PTP/NTP Port (RJ-45, IPv6)
  • NTP/Config Port (RJ-45, IPv6)
  • Supports Authentication
  • 10 MHz Output
  • Universal Power Supply (90-264 VAC)
  • Optional Programmable Frequency Outputs (2) - Option FREQ
  • Optional Rubidium Oscillator - Option Rb
  • 1 PPS (Pulse-Per-Second) Output
  • Front Panel Nine Digit .56" Yellow LED Display
  • Indoor/Outdoor Antenna and 16' Cable
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time Correction
  • Time Zone Offset
  • +/- 10 Second Offset
  • Configuration via RS-232, USB or Embedded Web Page(Secure & Normal)
  • New PC Control Panel Software available via web download
  • Coin-Cell GPS Time Backup
  • GPS Lock LED Indicator & TTL Output
  • PTP Lock LED Indicator
  • 1.75" Rackmount Enclosure
NTP Test Tool

The ESE NTP Test Tool is useful when troubleshooting NTP client to server connections. Using the tool is as simple as entering the NTP server name or IP address and clicking the "Query Time" button. For downloading instructions see the Download Software page.


GPS Application Notes